Inshanti Essential Oils

The Inshanti Online Store is your source for homemade natural products made from pure organic essential oils. Find natural alternatives for pain relief, allergy relief, headaches, cold and sinus congestion, immune support, digestive health and more.

Inshanti handcrafted essential oils provide a valuable alternative to chemical-based medicines. Essential oils and products are available to help reduce and eliminate pain, relieve the symptoms of colds, headaches, flu, sinus infection, allergies, and asthma... providing a natural source for healing. Blends can be formulated to rejuvenate, relax or stimulate you, beautify your skin, or induce feelings of calmness. All products in the Inshanti spa and on-line shoppe contain essential oils that are pure.

Essential oil consultations for medicinal purposes are available. All services and consultations by appointment only. With every consultation, you will receive up to two oils custom blended to your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss how essential oils may benefit you.