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Blended Essential Oils

The Power of Coming Together

You may be unsure which pure essential oils best address the issues you are dealing with. No worries. Our master blender Debra Stoltzfus has spent years studying the properties of pure essential oils, and she puts that knowledge to work creating powerful blends targeted to meet your needs. 

You’ll find some blends with the word “undiluted” after their names. These are mixes of only pure essential oils with no carrier oil in them. Others are prepared in a carrier oil, lotion, or gel so they are ready to apply to your skin as needed.

Each Inshanti essential oil blend has a web page with a quick snapshot about the oil at the top. Click the tabs in the box to learn so much more: 

  • a fuller Portrait of what the oil blend does for you
  • the essential oil Ingredients that make up the blend
  • clear How-to-Use instructions so you reap the greatest benefit 
  • important Safety information

Take advantage of our master blender’s 1,000-plus hours of study in the art of essential oils by choosing one of her custom blends.