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Pure Essential Oils

Harness the Mighty Power of a Small Drop

You’ll only need a drop or two to reap the great benefits of Inshanti’s pure essential oils. Apply a bit of undiluted essential oil to a tissue and inhale the aroma. Essential oils interact with the limbic system of your brain, the controller of emotions, giving you the opportunity to change your feelings and your life.

Some essential oils serve you best when you add them to a carrier oil, butter, or lotion that you then smooth over your skin. The oils are absorbed into your body and improve cellular function while the rich lotion hydrates your biggest organ—the skin.

Each Inshanti essential oil has a web page with a quick snapshot about the oil at the top. Below it you’ll see the Essential Facts that provide more scientific information. Click the tabs in the box to learn so much more:

  • a fuller Portrait of what the oil does for you
  • Properties of the oil
  • clear How-to-Use instructions so you reap the greatest benefit 
  • expert blending Recipes straight from Inshanti’s master blender Debra Stoltzfus so you can experiment with making your own perfect blend
  • important Safety information

Explore our oils and discover the ones that will make your life fuller, richer, and more joyful.

Need help? Set up a consultation with our master blender Debra Stoltzfus.