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Lustrous Crystal-Filled Necklaces

The simplicity of crystal 

Craft your own crystal necklace and essential oil pairing

Featuring the same eye-catching crystals as our Luminescents Infused Crystals, these necklace vials allow you to get creative. Select the crystal coloration you prefer, and then browse Inshanti’s undiluted essential oils and purchase the one that fits you best. But why limit yourself? Having several on hand provides options for any outfit or allows you to switch to the scent that will positively impact your day, whatever it brings.

Please note: Shapes of necklace vials vary; enjoy the surprise!

Essential Oil Blends: Visit our Blended Essential Oil page and select your favorite blend to complement your crystal-filled necklace.

Opt for the color (or two!) that enhances your wardrobe best: