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Herbal Infused Oils

Give Your Skin the Benefit of Nature’s Herbs

You’ll love the difference you discover with Inshanti herbal infused oils: The potent fragrance of the herb, not of olive oil, thanks to double or triple the amount of herbs we use compared to most other companies. Vibrant colors, not washed out, because our herbal infused oils are some of the strongest on the market. Healthful, with both oil and herbs certified organic.

Also known as macerated oils, our herb-infused oils begin with a base of first-press certified-organic olive oil. Our master blender Debra Stoltzfus, then adds certified-organic herbs that are overnighted to her by the grower immediately after harvesting. The oil and herb mixture is gently warmed for twelve weeks and then decanted and strained. 

Herbal infused oils are not essential oils, which are used in drop-sized dosages. Herbal infused oils, though, still contain the properties of the herb in a milder form. You can apply them directly to your skin where your body absorbs them. Massage the fragrant oils in. Or add them to our pure ingredients to create your own salves and creams. 

Inshanti herb infused oils are made fresh every growing season. Most will last up to three years if kept cool and dark.

Check out the How to Use section on each individual herbal infused oil page for specific healthful applications for each product.

Arnica Infusion

Price: $18.00

Calendula Infusion

Price: $18.00

Dandelion Infusion

Price: $18.00

Red Clover Infusion

Price: $18.00

Trauma Oil

Price: $18.00

Yarrow Infusion

Price: $18.00