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Experience the Refreshment of Aromatic Water—Inside and Out

Are you looking for a refreshing skin toner or something to soothe sunburns or scrapes? Hydrosols are fragrant water mixtures that are mild yet effective. Crafted from the same herbs, roots, flowers or bark as essential oils, hydrosols are formed by distilling these certified-organic ingredients. When the steam is chilled, it creates an aromatic water that contains many of the properties of essential oils.

Hydrosols have abundant uses: Add them to a base of aloe, lotions, or creams and enjoy both the fragrance and the therapeutic benefits. Mix some into your bath to rejuvenate yourself after a tough day. Some hydrosols are perfect for livening up your drinking water or dealing with digestive issues. Put some in a spritzer to refresh your home or car or perk yourself up on a hot day. Hydrosols are less expensive than essential oils, allowing you to experiment with the applications that make your life better and more fragrant.

Read the More Info section on individual hydrosol pages to discover all the amazing uses for each one!

Bay Laurel Hydrosol

Price: $18.00

Helichrysum Hydrosol

Price: $15.00

Lavender Hydrosol

Price: $15.00

Lime Hydrosol

Price: $15.00

Peppermint Hydrosol

Price: $15.00

Stressless Hydrosol

Price: $15.00

Yarrow Hydrosol

Price: $15.00