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The basis for creating your own blends

Oils, lotions, and butters to get you started

To create an individualized essential oil blend that delivers the maximum benefit, you want to start with a superior base—the carrier oil, lotion, or butter. Don’t waste the natural power of pure essential oils by adding them to an inferior synthetic, over-processed, or commercial-grade product. Our Inshanti carrier oils are pure; always unrefined, certified organic, or wild crafted; and never sprayed.

Inshanti only supplies cold-pressed or expeller-pressed oils, never those extracted using heat or solvents. Here’s why that matters: In cold processing, the nut or seed is crushed or pressed in temperatures below 80°C, which helps it retain its natural vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, oils that have been heat-extracted or solvent-extracted (usually with petroleum derivatives)—while easier and cheaper to produce—lose many of their vitamins and nutrients.

When crafting your blend you’ll want to ensure the appropriate dilution of essential oils with the base oil. Take the following information about the user into account:

  • Age
  • Part of the body the oil will be used on
  • Physical complaints
  • Emotional state

A safe and effective dilution for most aromatherapy applications is 1–2 percent, which translates to 5 to 12 drops per ounce. You’ll discover the right diffuser, inhaler, or container for your custom blend on our Blending Supplies page.

Choose the perfect base to convey your individualized essential oil blend: